Friday 21 May 2010

Heidi - The Next Step.

Heidi is now approaching 12 weeks of age, and we are continuing to take things steady. She is now getting used to being on a lead and walking to heel with no problem. Its not something I've tried to teach yet, but as I've been told by other BMH owners, they tend to do it automatically.
Trying to take her tracking steady, and only doing one or two a day (some say you can do around 5-9 short tracks), I've ventured out of the garden to the field next door, more for a change of environment than any other reason. the grass is longer, which seems to make things easier for her, but I believe the shorter the vegetation, the harder the nose has to work, and therefore the better the training!
The video shows her on a track of about 4-5 meters. It consisted of a liver drag, with blood trail all along the track. At the end was a piece of Roe skin, which was her first introduction to skin. Now as you can see, things started well then she lost the plot slightly in the middle of it, got back on track, then missed the skin right at the end. The main thing for me was that I considered that she followed the main track pretty well, and the next time will hopefully be better, now she realises what the skin is.
What I didn't show in the video very well, was that she soon afterwards, proudly picked up the skin, took it all the way back down the drive and into the garden, where she started to shake it and pull it to pieces.

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